“A beacon and lesson for our future. A challenging, innovative and beautiful piece of work.”
Theatre Scenes

Tue 20 Feb 3:25pm - 4:30pm
Playhouse | QPAC
1 hr 5 mins

Last Tapes Theatre Company



16 Years+



Reaching into the guts of family mythologies.

‘I'm starting to think about genetics, what's passed on. What isn't. I'm thinking of my grandmother, Valerie.’

Named the stand-out cabaret of the year by the NZ Herald,Valerie is an inter-generational, interdisciplinary and interrupting piece of cabaret theatre that reaches into the guts of family mythologies. Music, genetics and storytelling combine to unravel creator Robin Kelly's family history – and try to shine a light on the future.

A love letter from grandson to grandmother, this celebration of resilience, compassion and love is gig-theatre at its finest.

Image: Andi Crown

Last Tapes Theatre Company

Last Tapes Theatre Company was founded in 2012 to bring intimate, moving and challenging theatre to audiences. The company’s work aims to shine a spotlight on important social issues, asking audiences to engage in important conversations, as well as be entertained by quality theatre.

Last Tapes has garnered a strong reputation for the presentation of high-quality work. Their 2016 First Steps season presented three world premiere plays by emerging first-time writers – Defending the J.J. MAC by Wellington’s Beanie-Maryse Ridler, Mating in Captivity by screenwriter Oliver Page, and Valerie created by Last Tapes’ own Robin Kelly and Cherie Moore.