“One of the most spectacular and innovative theatrical presentations, of any kind, I’ve ever seen, anywhere. Utterly spectacular, in the deepest sense.”
Crikey (on Black Project 1)

Wed 21 Feb 4:20pm - 4:30pm
Powerhouse Theatre | Brisbane Powerhouse
10 mins

Antony Hamilton



All Ages



An epic and ambitious new choreographic performance installation from a maverick choreographer.

A sculptural event for bodies and objects with audiences coming and going throughout the six-hour performance. Upon arrival, audiences are uniformed, visually merging them with the performer’s costumes. Then entering a vast gallery, audiences will see a colossal orbiting sculpture, surrounded by a collective of twenty performers, live animals and moving machines.

Like a school of fish surrounding a whale, performers and audience move around the sculpture with other living and non-living entities in an ebb and flow of kinetic energy. In a world where the body is losing its currency as an object of function, this token army represents a chimeric utopia between humans, animals, machines and the built environment.

Image: Antony Hamilton and Paula Levis

Antony Hamilton

Antony Hamilton is an Australian choreographer whose performances involve a sophisticated melding of movement, sound and visual design. His works have been widely presented internationally and he has been commissioned by major dance companies including Skanes Dansteater, Dancemakers Toronto, Sydney Dance Company and Lyon Opera Ballet.

He was the guest dance curator at The National Gallery of Victoria in 2014 and Honorary Resident Director of Lucy Guerin Inc in 2013., His award-winning works include MEETING, Black Project 1&2, Keep Everything, NYX and Number of the Machine.