“Doesn’t just push boundaries, it annihilates them.”
The Creative Issue

Wed 21 Feb 2:00pm - 2:30pm
3:45pm - 4:15pm
7:30pm - 8:00pm
Turbine Studio | Brisbane Powerhouse
30 mins

Leah Shelton



18 Years+



A grindhouse cabaret edgier than a serial killer's machete.

Welcome to a sunburnt country where cars rule, hitchhiking kills and dingoes eat babies.

Terror Australis is a grindhouse cabaret edgier than a serial killer's machete. Performed by psycho-siren Leah Shelton (Polytoxic, The Brides of Frank), this f**ked-up outback Contiki tour is a frothing hot mess of black comedy, anti-burlesque, live art and Hills-Hoist-pole-dance.

Trapped inside a sweltering pulp film mash-up, Shelton trawls through the roadkill of the Australian national identity to reveal a litany of brutality and paranoia, drenched in sweat and beer.

Due to the limited capacity of this Showcase, delegates are required to sign up for this event at the Delegate Lounge or at any APAM Information Desk.

Image: Raw Bones

Leah Shelton

Australian performance artist Leah Shelton’s work sits in the sweet spot between cabaret, anti-burlesque and live art. Since cutting her teeth playing mad, powerful heroines with Frank Theatre and The Brides of Frank, her work has taken her from rigorous physical theatre in Japan to the variety world of Las Vegas.

Shelton is co-artistic director of the high camp neo-tiki dance theatre company Polytoxic. As a solo artist, she creates wild, stylized, visually striking works soaked in cult references and wicked humour. She has graced the cabaret stages of La Clique and Vegas Nocturne and is currently touring the award-winning Terror Australis.