Thu 22 Feb 10:00am - 12:00pm
Ballroom 2 & 3 | Sofitel Brisbane Central
2 hrs




Join industry professionals at a round table session, your quick-fire conversation starter.

Register for a seat at a table hosted by a curated selection of festival directors, presenters, artists, and arts leaders and uncover up-to-date information about topics and regions relevant to your interests and touring objectives.

Brisbane Powerhouse’s Artistic Director, Kris Stewart and CEO, Fiona Maxwell play hosts and time-masters, keeping each session to a speedy 20 minutes. That’s just enough time to absorb a stimulating snapshot of information and to exchange a business card with the person sitting next to you.

Talking ‘round in circles has never been so fun.

Table Topics/

1 Australia Council for Arts International Development Managers Update: Rosie Hinde (North Asia)
2 Australia Council for Arts International Development Managers Update: Sophie Travers (Europe)
3 Australia Council for Arts International Development Managers Update: Kathryn Deyell (North America)
4 TIME / SOUND / SPACE - Exploring the Experimental Arts and the Avenues for Practicing Curiosity
5 Singapore Signposts: Finding your Way Through…
6 A Changing Korea: 2018 and Beyond
7 Starting From Scratch: The Future of Commissioning New Ideas and Emerging Artists
8 Agents (and those who need them…)
9 Find Your People: Global Contexts for Queer Performance
10 Theatre For Young Audiences and the Changing Landscape in Australia
11 Introducing Ireland
12 Collaborating with Malaysia
13 On the Fringes, In the Centre: Exploring the Global Fringe Circuit
14 Future China (and the Australia/China Relationship)
15 Handing it Over and the Future of Indigenous Leadership: Models in Practice
16 Get Engaged: Communities at the Heart of Art Making
17 North Facing: Exploring the Nordic Regions
18 Meeting (in) Asia: Trends, Directions and Networks of the Greater Asia region: Asia Discovers Asia Meeting (ADAM), Performing Asia (APAM), Asia Producer's Platform (APP)
19 Building Dialogues with Japan

Register for your place at a table in the Delegate Lounge when you arrive at APAM on Monday 19 February. A full list of table hosts will be available early February. 

Image: FenLan Chuang