“Teeming with rage and passion, movement and complex relationships… masterfully performed.”
The Age

Tue 20 Feb 1:30pm - 2:20pm
Playhouse | QPAC
50 mins

Lucy Guerin Inc.



16 Years+



A duet negotiating the ever-diminishing dimensions of space and time.

This is a square, a stage, a world, a life. Space is getting tight and time is getting shorter. We can all make sense of this dance.

As our world contracts, the clock ticks faster and bodies press closer. Dancers Melanie Lane and Lilian Steiner negotiate the ever-diminishing dimensions of space and time in Split. With delicacy and complexity, this dance revels in Lucy Guerin’s sharp and elegant choreographic investigations.

Split is a thought-provoking structural meditation rendered in movement and delivered by one of Australia’s most original dance companies.

Image: Gregory Lorenzutti

Lucy Guerin Inc.

Australian dance company Lucy Guerin Inc was established in 2002 to create and tour new dance works. Renowned for the skill and originality of its small group of performers, it is a flexible organisation dedicated to challenging and extending the art of contemporary dance.

The company is committed to the exploration of everyday events and the redefinition of the formal concerns of dance. New productions are generated through an experimental approach to creative process.

Lucy Guerin Inc has been a major influence on the growing identity of Australian dance through its programmatic research into choreographic practice supported through several initiatives.