Application FAQs






> Who can apply to be part of the APAM 2018 Official Program?

Only AUSTRALIAN or NEW ZEALAND based performing artists or arts organisations can apply to showcase or pitch. This means that the KEY CONTACT of your work is an Australian or New Zealand citizen AND has an Australian or New Zealand postal address. 

When do applications close?

Program Applications for APAM 2018 close on Monday 03 July 2017 11:59PM AEST. 

How many Showcase and Pitch spots are available?

This entirely depends on the number and quality of applications we’ll receive. Our Curatorial Panel will use the number of full-length productions, excerpt showcases and pitches previously presented at APAM as a guide.

How do I apply to the APAM 2018 program?

The application process for the APAM 2018 program is online. For detailed instructions on how to apply, see the Program Application page

What do I need to apply?

To prepare for your online application and find out what you need to apply, download and read the instruction manual for your relevant programming category:

For a Pitch application, you will also need to complete a budget template. You can download it here:

Is it possible for companies to apply for both a showcase and a pitch for different works?

Yes, artists and companies can apply to APAM 2018 with more than one work or work in development.

Please note that you will have to start a new application for each work or work in development. You will need a different login email address for your different applications; the contact details for the production, however, can be the same.

How will successful applicants be selected?

Successful applicants will be selected by the APAM Curatorial Panel, a group of internationally recognised artists and producers that have come together to curate the program for APAM 2018.

There are two Curatorial Panel sub-groups; one for Australian works and one for New Zealand works.

The respective APAM Curatorial Panel groups will meet in August 2017 to deliberate all APAM program applications. Successful applicants will be notified on 01 September 2017.

> Further assistance

We have created x3 helpful step-by-step instructional videos to help you with the application process:

For eligibility, selection criteria and how to start an application click here.

For Showcase Applications click here.

For Pitch Applications click here.


> What do you mean by the Showcase criteria Artistic Excellence?

The panel will consider:

  • The quality, distinctiveness and significance of the work.

  • The work’s suitability for national and international audiences.  

  • The creative team, the artistic realisation (if applicable), critical review, and audience response (if applicable) to the proposed work.

See the APAM website archive for examples of shows that have previously been successful in applying to APAM.

> What is a market development plan in the context of APAM?

The panel will consider the applicant’s market development plan and how they have demonstrated that an APAM Showcase will deliver national and international opportunities. These may include activities such as touring, residencies, exchange, co-productions, and co-commissioning opportunities. They will consider how well the APAM Showcase fits within a wider, targeted and feasible market development plan.

> What do you mean by ‘tour-readiness’?

The panel will consider the artist/company’s capacity to follow up on opportunities that arise through an APAM Showcase. They will take into consideration the:

  • Previous touring experience of the artist/company and, if this is limited, the steps the artist/company has in place to follow up.

  • Methods in place to manage any on-going relationships that arise.

  • Capacity to tour the work (e.g. artists availability, set etc.); capacity to maintain quality of the work on the road; professional practices in place for managing elements from insurances to marketing; and a strategy that builds the artist/company’s reputation, profile and future income earning capacity.

PLEASE NOTE.To be eligible Showcases must be no more than 2 years old and cannot have premiered prior to January 2016


> Why are budgets required for Pitches when no budget or price is required for Showcases?

We are asking for an overall budget for every pitch application as a budget reflects thought and consideration of the completed work. We have provided a budget template to make this process easier for you. See the budget template here.

> What is the budget, and why do I need to complete one?

This budget is to demonstrate to the Curatorial Panel indicative costs of the project should it attain a touring outcome at/post APAM. The cost can be reflective of an international or national tour depending on your desired market. The budget is not the cost to attend APAM, rather the cost to tour your work after APAM. The amounts do not have to be exact just a general estimate, and the Curatorial Panel understand they are subject to change.


> When are On Display Booths open?

On display booths will feature three mornings of APAM, complemented by other activities within The Exchange program. This will allow booth holders and delegates to do business without having to miss out on the official APAM program of Showcases and Pitches.

Booths will be located at Sofitel Brisbane Central, our hotel partner for APAM 2018 from 9am -12pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

> How much is the rental cost?

AUD $660.00 (plus 10% GST) per on display booth and includes a dedicated webpage within the APAM website.

The APAM 2018 display booth rental rate does not include any delegate registrations. It is a requirement, that each artist or company successfully applying for a display booth has at least one registered delegate as a representative at the display booth during opening hours (to be advised in November 2015). Registrations open 25 October 2017 and early bird prices end on 8 December 2017.

> What does an On Display Booth look like?

  • Each display booth consists of three components that can be set up in a number of different configurations to include shelving and display tables.
  • Each booth holder will have a 2.5m (w) x 2m (d) footprint to work with.
  • Each booth will be provided with 1 x power socket, 2 x stools, lighting and basic signage.
  • Additional details will be provided closer to the date.


> Do I need to register as a delegate when I apply to the APAM 2018 program?

Delegate registrations will open when we announce program on 25 October 2018. If your APAM 2018 program application is successful, you or your company will receive one complimentary delegate pass for the person that will introduce and represent your work/work in development.

If you are planning for more than one person from your company to attend APAM 2018, you will need to purchase additional delegate passes. 

> Will booths be available at APAM 2018? If so, how can I apply?

Yes, absolutely! Click here for more information.

Other questions?

For any questions and queries not covered on this page, please contact APAM directly:

P: +61 7 3358 8683  E: